Sindhi Editor

Sindhi Editor 1.0

Multi-lingual word processor for Sindhi, Urdu and English
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Write texts and documents in languages like English, Urdu or Sindhi. The tool doesn't have bidirectional support, so it won't work with languages that write from right to left like Hebrew or Arabic.

Sindhi Editor is an easy-to-use and multi-lingual word processor program especially designed for use under non-bidirectional (non-Arabic/Hebrew/Persian) versions of Windows.
The Sindhi Editor is primarily a Sindhi word processor program.However, it also fully supports Urdu and English.You can use Sindhi Editor to create professional Sindhi and Urdu documents with ease.

Main Features :
- Supports three languages: Sindhi, Urdu and English
- Helps you create webpages in Sindhi and Urdu
- Unlike other Sindhi programs such as Khattat, It works under non-Arabic/Persian versions of Windows
- The Text can be pasted in other Windows programs
- You can easily change one language to another with a single click
- You can also use Sindhi Editor to process normal Text files
- User-friendly interface

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